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Trex Crochet Hat Pattern

Finished T-Rex Hood

My oldest went through a HUGE dinosaur phase. She was watching a new show called Dino Dana on tv and it was all about dinosaurs. When I went to look for dinosaur hats or items I noticed that there weren’t very many options. So I decided to make one! After quite a bit of trial and error, I was able to make a dinosaur hat!

I do sell this pattern on my Ravelry page (under the name of CraftasaurusCorner) and it comes with photos to help with instructions. You can find the paid for with photo patterns at Because this is just on my blog and a free pattern, there will not be images included. Please note there may be some errors in the pattern. I do my best to come on and edit as I find errors but there may be a few that slip past me. This pattern is a very basic pattern with basic terms and you should be able to identify and easily fix any errors you find. You can also find my listings on Etsy if you would rather purchase a hat made for you.

I also have my Troodon and Dromaeosaurus hats up! You can find the Troodon here and the Dromaeosaurus here Crochet Dromaeosaurus Hat


When the pattern says to “DC around” it means to repeat around the whole round.

Always attach to the first stitch and not to the chain.



For Toddler/Preschool Size Use 4.25 mm hook
For Child Size: 5 mm hook
For Adult Size: Use 5.25 mm hook
(There is an option at the end to add length when you add the edging, so you have options to customize the size for your child or add at the end if it isn’t enough without having to re-do the whole piece).

To make a child size use the H hook for all parts of the pattern. For an adult size, use an I Hook.


Row 1 – Ch 69. dc in the 4th chain from hook and dc across back to start (66DC)

Row 2-14 – Ch 3. dc across (66 dc)

Row 15 – Ch 3. dc2tog, dc in the next 10 dc, dc2tog, dc in the next 10 dc, dc2tog, dc in the next 12 dc, dc2tog, dc in the next 10 dc, dc2tog, dc in the next 10 dc, dc2tog, dc. For last dc YO and insert into your stitch, YO again and pull through, YO and pull through 2 loops, Sl st to the beginning of your chain 3 to form a circle. Do not turn and work in a round from now on. (60 dc).  Pictures with steps below for assistance. (This is the only picture on this blog. All others are available in the paid version on Ravelry).

Row 16 – Ch 2. dc2tog, dc in the next 4 dc around, sl st to top of beg ch 2. (50 dc). 

Rnd 17 – Ch 2. dc2tog, dc in the next 3 dc around, sl st to top of beg ch 2. (40DC)

Rnd 18 – Ch 2. dc2tog, dc in the next 2 dc around, sl st to top of beg ch 2. (30DC).

Rnd 19 – Ch 2. Dc2tog, dc in the next dc around, sl st in top of beg ch 2. (20DC).

Rnd 20 – Ch 2. Dc in next dc, dc2tog around, sl st in top of first dc. F/O and leave a long tail to sew the remaning 10 dc shut. (10DC)


For the edging join at the bottom inner corner of the hat. 

Rnd 21- 22 – Hdc around, sl st to the beginning stitch. (Here you can add extra rounds to add length to the hat if needed). When you are working on your final round, at the bottom front edge of the hat, crochet in a hair elastic for 3 stitches. Once you have the desired length, fasten off and weave in ends.

*Always attach the hair elastic when you are working on the last of the edging.*

*Attach a button to the opposite side of the elastic.*

Pictures at the front of the pattern can show the positioning. I like to do at least 2 rows of hdc edging.

Top of T. Rex Hat (Snout) – H Hook

Row 1 – 6 dc in MR – Do not sl st, pull tight and you should form a semi-circle (picture below). Turn.                                                                                                                                                        

Row 2 – Ch 2, 2 dc in each dc across (12DC). Turn

Row 3 – Ch 2, 2 dc in the next dc, 1 dc in the next, across (18DC) Turn.

Row 4 – Ch 2, 2 dc in the next dc, 1 dc in the next 2 DC, across (24DC).

Row 5 – Ch 1, sc across bottom edge, sl st to other side (picture below). Try to put 18 sc in bottom to equal the 42 for the next round. If your next round is not 42 it is okay, you will just need to adjust the next rounds and the decreases. (24SC)

Row 6 – Ch 2, dc around in BACK LOOPS (42 DC)

Row 7-12 – Dc around (42 DC)

Row 13 – Dc in the next 25 stitches, STOP. Turn (we are only working half the stitches now, there is no reason to crochet the bottom since it will attach to the top of the hat and that will close the bottom). 

Row 14-21 – Ch 2, dc across (25 DC)

Row 22 – Ch 2, dc in back loops (25DC)

Row 23 – Ch 2, dc2tog, 1 dc in the next 2, repeat until the end (18DC)

Row 24 – Ch 2, dc2tog, 1 dc in the next, repeat until end. (12 DC)

Fasten off and leave a long tail to sew the top piece onto the hat. Position the top piece so that the closed edge (beginning of top part) hangs off the edge of the hat. Leave enough room to add the teeth (or, if teeth have already been added, use them as a guide and attach hat right at the end of the teeth. As you sew the top piece onto the hat add stuffing to stuff your T-Rex’s snout.


Cut out triangle tooth shapes from white felt. When your hat is assembled, attach to the underside of the snout and sew on the teeth using thread.

Eyes (Make 2) – H Hook

Using White Yarn

Rnd 1 – 6 hdc in MR

Rnd 2 – Ch. 1, 2hdc in each st around (12HDC)

Rnd 3 – Ch. 1, 2 hdc in the next hdc, 1 hdc in the next hdc around. (18HDC)

Switch to Orange Yarn

Rnd 4 – Ch 1, hdc around (18HDC)

Rnd 5 – Ch 1, hdc2tog, 1 hdc, repeat around (12 hdc)

Rnd 6 – Ch 1, hdc2tog around (6hdc)

Rnd 7 – Use yarn to close or sl st around to close. Fasten off leave tail to sew to hat.

Lining of Eye

Attach orange yarn to the part where white meets orange and hdc along half of the eye. When you attach the eyelids attach them above this line. You can look at the above picture to get an idea of where this under eye edging can go.

Using Felt for the Eye

For the pupil, cut out a small circle in black felt and use brown yarn to attach it to the center of the eye. (You could start with black as your magic ring for Round 1 above as well and then switch to white for Round 2 or 3).

Using Fabric Paint for the Eye

Use your fabric paint and create the black inner eye, the brown around the eye and add a white dot to look like a light reflection. Let dry and then continue to sew the eye pieces together.

Eyelids (Make 2) – H Hook

Row 1 – 6 hdc in MR (do not sl st. Make a semi-circle like the beginning of the snout).

Row 2 – Ch. 1, 2hdc in each hdc around (12 hdc)

Row 3 – Ch. 1, 2 hdc in the next hdc, 1 hdc in the next hdc, repeat around. (18 hdc)

You can gently pull and shape the eyelids into a more rounded shape. Attach to the eye and sew on. Make sure to leave a bit of overhang to make it look like a curled eyelid. Once both eyelids are attached to the eyes, sew the eyes onto the side of the hat. I choose to sew them on at a slight forward angle to make the T-Rex look like he was looking forwards.


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